Ultra Panel

Bent Manufacturing Ultra Panel Stackable Traffic Delineation Channelizer, Crowd Control, Custom Graphics, Valet Parking, School Crossing

upright verticle panel ultra panel
kids at play upright verticle panel ultra panel

The Ultra Panel upright vertical post channelizer is a superb traffic control device designed for strength and convenience. The Ultra Panel is used in work zones to channelize or control traffic, to separate or divide traffic lanes, and to provide lane closures. This is a perfect solution where space is limited. Bent Products are a favorite among contractors, airports, parking valets, hospitals, and schools. Parking or crowd control, pedestrian traffic, or road construction, there simply is no limit.

The arched carry handle offers a secure comfortable grip and has a molded in light mount designed for a standard size light bolt and cup washers. The 8” x 36” front and back flat recessed panel is ideal for messages and sign display. The recessed panel can accommodate 270 square inches of reflective sheeting or custom printed signs, and is stackable. Choose from a wide variety of sign applications including: No Parking, Handicap Parking,

Valet Parking, School Xing and Kids At Play. External signs can effortlessly be attached also. It is easily transported because it is fully stackable with or without the base. The base fits snugly and securely. This Bent Product had been impact tested to 60 mph without damage to the channelizer panel or base.

Bent Manufacturing’s Ultra Panel is Crashworthy tested and certified to meet the requirements of NCHRP-350.  Also approved by many State and municipal Departments of Transportation for use on Federal and State highways as well as public streets and intersections.