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Superdome Drums

Double flag mount holes with pre-molded stops for all-purpose flagging.

T-Top Delineators

Convenient T-top carry handle (a Bent Manufacturing exclusive)

T-Top Stackable Channelizer

Multi-function device (three uses in one),‘sleeved cone,’ ‘tubular delineator post’ and ‘channelizer.’

Universal Plastic Barricade Type 1

Bent Universal Plastic Barricade – the quality and durability will outlast

Universal Plastic Barricade Type 2

The Universal Plastic Barricade is offered in several styles and colors

Barricade Type 1 Waffle Board with 14 Gg Galvanized Legs

The Waffle Board barricade has several options to every feature

Black Rubber Delineator Bases

Some of Bent’s black rubber bases are made from a natural bio-degradable material

Ultra Panel

The Ultra Panel – Fully stackable with or without base, and large arch carry handle

Masterflex Post Surface Mount

Designed to withstand numerous high speed traffic impacts with minimal adverse effect